Blogging? I mean, really… Why would I blog?

by bierstadt54

A good question deserves a good answer.  Unfortunately, the world is not the fairest place in the, err, world, so all I can say is that I am diving in.  I plan to post opinions on current events and interests as well as more mundane updates to get into the habit of living in a digital world.  Just have to see how it goes.

Here’s a start, though: the media empires of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst strongly helped to fan the flames that led to the Spanish-American War in 1898.  They helped shape public opinion to the point where one major but uncertain incident (the sinking of the battleship USS Maine) made war unavoidable.  Parallels can easily be drawn to the nationalistic media posturing in the South China Sea right now.  The Philippines are too weak to start anything militarily, but China is another case entirely.  Let us hope that they learn from US history and reign in the most rampant ‘yellow journalism’ on display from forcing China to travel down a path it should not go on.  Unlike in the US case, there are no oppressed Cubans to rescue in the Scarborough Shoals.